About Us

iVidar.com was established in 2015 by a group of junior high school friends. We have been constantly in the pursuit of the dream of childhood, so today we come together again. We are fashionable, enthusiastic and nowadays active from all over the world, with its own brand iVidar. All of us, loving nature and challenges, discussed together and created aimed at providing travel and survival gear website.

Our team has three branches: Beijing , Sydney and Toronto. Toronto team is our design team, with major responsibilities in product design and development. Beijing team responsible for the production and manufacture of specific products. Because there are no products sale in Amazon Australia except books, Sydney team is working on opening a store, aiming to introduce our products to customers as our earliest possible time. We put all our endeavors to learn market demand and provide the best products to the customer through the entire team's effort.

iVidar® is our brand, it has registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Serial Number is 87041443. Our products are mainly sold on iVidar.com and Amazon in each area.

What's more, some of our products have been selling on Amazon US, seller name is also iVidar. Now we are working to open a store in Amazon Canada and Amazon Europe, thus we can offer to our customers outside of US to enjoy iVidar. In the near future, we will make full use of Amazon's sales platform around the world, to bring the best experience to our customer.

We are guided by "Customer first, Honesty first" principle, committed to the most reasonable price and the best quality of service provided to customers the highest quality products and services.

iVidar's purpose: Enjoying your life. Using our products, Making your travel better EVERYDAY. Taking in some of the beautiful landscape that is along the way.